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Promiscuous Assemblage
One One Lost Hair - Magnify
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Human Nature
A Rose Flowering By The Sea
On One Lost Hair
Lachrymae I
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Gismonde Of Salerne In Love
The Downward Spiral
Viewing The Instruments
The Business of the Flesh


Morbid Fascination
Thinking Allowed with    Laurie Taylor, BBC Radio 4


Zones of Morbidity Catalogue essay for Psycho exhibition, Anne Faggionato Gallery, London 2000; reprinted 'Impulsion of the bodysnatchers', The Independent, Friday Review, 3 Mar. 2000

The Business of the Flesh The Guardian, 31 Oct. 2002

Who really owns our bodies? The Guardian, 30 Jan. 01; A comment piece to coincide with publication of the Alder Hey report.

Grave-robbing, crucifixion, dissection: how far should we go in the name of art? New Statesmen, 15 Aug. 97

Lasting impressions: the ambiguous appeal of life casting The Lancet, Vol. 359, No. 9314, 13. April 2002

A surgeon’s art The Lancet, Vol. 360, No. 9349, 14. Dec. 2002

Curiouser and curio user The Lancet, Vol. 362, No. 9384, 23. Aug. 2003

The body shop of horrors The Independent, 27. Oct. 2000

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